Our Design Approach

People can often find the prospect of building daunting. To ease this our design approach allows clients make well-informed decisions and find the balance between the ambition and pragmatics of their project. We achieve this through our very clear and simple design process.

Initial sketch design

Initially we explore each design, through sketching and drawing, to produce an outline proposal. This is an iterative process, testing the possibilities of each scheme until an appropriate response is found. We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure their needs are fully understood and met


Light Study

We believe light is an important quality in every home and building, one that needs to be understood from the outset. This is why we carry out a 3D light study for each project, to analyse the light, before we begin to design.

Developed Design and Planning

As we develop the project we are mindful of budget and other practical constraints in our design response. After the initial sketch design stage, we use physical card models to develop the design. Clients have found these card models very useful to fully understand the proposed scheme.


Detail Design and Tender

After planning, we prepare information for contractors to price for the construction stage. This stage can be quite technical, yet is still creative in developing the detail of the scheme. We use 3D computer renderings to further develop and test the design in terms of materiality and atmosphere.



We are connected to a network of trusted contractors and skilled craftspeople, who also share our commitment to quality. Newmark have extensive experience in domestic work, from housing schemes and single one-off dwellings, to major refurbishments and extensions, as well as commercial work.

Hall build

Materials and Craft

Newmark Architects have a modern design aesthetic, with an affinity for warm and tactile materials. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve a high-quality finish through close collaboration with skilled craftspeople.